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We are a talented team who specialize in Film and video for commercial, cinematic and creative content. At our core we are storytellers, entertainers and geeks that have one thing in common, a passion and love for everything creative. Using that passion and a little help from the most advanced camera technology we are able to focus on the quality of content without limitations from our equipment. We bring unique ideas to life from the initial preproduction concept all the way to post-production and delivery. With our experience and modern understanding of media production we bring signature cinematic and bespoke feel to any project we undertake.

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[pt_testimonials_type2 uniq_id=”” desktop_cols=”1″ tablet_cols=”1″ dots=”off”][pt_testimonials_type2_item avatar=”2001″ name=”Loren Holland” post=”CEO Gymnation” text=”“Ravenscar has produced some excellent marketing material for GymNation, video and marketing content which is consistently of a superior quality to our competitors. Both the video content and creative input from Ravenscar has been a huge factor in the positioning of our brand. A great team to work with who have a flexible and friendly style and really invest in their clients businesses, ensuring they understand the culture, brand, and market position of their clients.””][pt_testimonials_type2_item avatar=”1972″ name=”Dr. David Rose” post=”Dr. Rose and Associates Dental” text=”“We have worked with Ravenscar for quite a few video shoots, the team is always very professional, easy going, creative and get really passionate about your project. The quality of the videos are amazing, and it is always great to be involved in the editing process.””][pt_testimonials_type2_item avatar=”1821″ name=”Philip Coetzee” post=”Co-Founder Feynlab” text=”“Ravenscar took the time to learn about our products, and our brand. They were able to
sculpt the look and feel of the videos to match the brand perfectly. The whole experience has been exceptional.””][pt_testimonials_type2_item avatar=”2010″ name=”Kieran Owens and Sean Clancy” post=”KO8 Fitness” text=”“We have been working with the Ravenscar team now since 2017, and after our very first shoot we knew that this would be a long lasting relationship for years to come.As a company that relies on someone bringing our product to life visually, the level of attention and creativity that has been given to us has been outstanding. The team are always full of different ideas and concepts of how we can get the desired message across to our audience. Not to mention the ongoing communication with us in the run up to each shoot to ensure that our brief is met with meticulous planning. These finer details have proved to be the mark of a company that takes immense pride in it’s work.The finest equipment in the industry combed with individuals who have true passion for the craft. It’s safe to say that Ravenscar will be the first and only call we’ll be making for all our video needs moving forward!“”][/pt_testimonials_type2]
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