Jarred Land, RED’s CEO, posted a single picture of the new RED camera – the RED RANGER. Aside from its look, the latest beast is not for sale and available only for rental at authorized rental houses beginning spring of 2019.

There’s no known technical information about Red Ranger yet that is known, leaving more speculations and interest to filmmakers and Red enthusiasts. However, Jarred Land explained through reduser.net forum why this camera will not be for sale –


“these cameras as you can imagine are pretty expensive to make in low quantities. It doesn’t really make sense unless you buy at least 10 of them. The rental houses were smart and after a discussion I had with them as a group at cinegear, this is the result.”


“Just a little something we made custom for RED authorized rental houses. Not for Sale, but you will probably see them popping up next month in a few places so thought I would give you guys a sneak peek 🙂 “


Unlike the previous Red cameras, the RED Ranger body looks like a traditional cinema camera – a slimmed down Panavision for example. Large buttons and direct control dials are noticeable on the Ranger body.


Even though the design seems different to what we use with RED cameras, big expectations await on what this brain is capable of.