DJI OSMO POCKET, a 3-axis gimbal that literally fits in your pocket, is a game changer for on-the-go photographers and videographers when it was released late last year. What would make it more awesome? – Accessories. Here are the different accessories you’ll need to dress up for your little monster:

Freewell ND filters is a magnetic filter clip that fits perfectly on the lens of Osmo Pocket that will give image a whole new look . Some of the eight filters have polarizers to ensure great video especially in daylight.



DJI Accessory Mount is essential to attach on your Osmo Pocket. It is like a Go-pro style that mounts on tripod or any other accessories and rig. There’s also a phone bracket that lets you control your Osmo Pocket through a smart phone.





With a sensitive screen, SunnyLife Screen protector is the best glass protector for the Osmo Pocket camera lens and screen that you can get. It is a scratch proof glass that will not impede the touch sensitivity.
A Gimbal lock is highly recommended especially when storing the Osmo Pocket. It is a plastic hood that locks the 3-axis when you’re not using it and it gives an added protection to the lens.