Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu and other online streaming platforms are booming as most people favored a more accessible way of watching movies.
Unlike movie theater, these streaming services are available nearly everywhere – televisions, tablets and smart phones, bringing the film and movie goers closer together.

These streaming platforms aims to cut poor customer service of movie houses, lengthen the limited screening time of movies, and cut-down the movie ticket cost.

A number of films are considering these online streaming as their distribution platform. Marketing and distribution wise, it is cheaper yet has a larger audience reach.

With online streaming platform now taking over the big screen industry, it influences some award-giving body like Oscars and Emmys. A recent stir came up when Roma, that was also released in Netflix, won an Oscar. The Academy however have a rule that for a film to be qualified for an award it should have a seven-day run, with three public screenings per day in theaters, in which Roma had complied.

Steven Spielberg refuses the idea of giving Oscars to the film that are primarily made for online streaming, arguing they should instead be included in the Emmy awards, which is for television.

He said: “I want people to find their entertainment in any form or fashion that suits them. Big screen, small screen – what really matters to me is a great story and everyone should have access to great stories.

“However, I feel people need to have the opportunity to leave the safe and familiar of their lives and go to a place where they can sit in the company of others and have a shared experience – cry together, laugh together, be afraid together – so that when it’s over they might feel a little less like strangers.

“I want to see the survival of movie theatres. I want the theatrical experience to remain relevant in our culture.”

Even though there are several online streaming platforms around, we are still looking for a certain theatrical experience as most of the film are made for big screen. We cannot remove that kind of vibe because that is an integral to the art of motion picture.

We may differ in preference on where to watch a film, but the bottom line is we still share similar emotion on finding entertainment in a movie. As long as there are audiences who favor watching in the movie houses, streaming service cannot kill the theater industry, rather we can turn our perspective that they are providing another avenue to make the film reach a larger audience.