Camera is undoubtedly one of the most prized possessions for a lot of us. Modern day cameras have a long history that goes back far in time. It witnessed how people changed, how cities progressed, and how historic moments were made.

It all started with Camera Obscura year 1500. It is a pinhole camera invented by Ibn Al-Haytham. It uses a pinhole to project an inverse image when light passed through the aperture.
It was on 1839 where Jacques-Mande Daguerre invented the Daguerreotype Camera. It is the first mass-produced camera. The shooter has a sliding or double box body. Photographer achieves a fixed focus by pulling the smaller inner box away from the front-mounted 15in landscape lens
Friedrich Von Martens invented the Megaskop Camera in 1844. It was the first camera to take a panoramic image with a lens that were able to rotate 110 degrees to 360 degrees to get a quality landscape image.
The concept of snapshot was introduced when Kodak Brownie was invented on the 1900’s. It was George Eastman who popularized the low-cost photography because of this innovation.
It was during this time when the Raisecamera was invented. It is considered as the first light weight portable camera that allows photojournalist to be more mobile for their job.
The First 35mm Camera was invented by Oskar Barnack in 1913 and was called a candid camera. It allows the photographers to “take indoor exposures with available light and candid photographs on the fly” and have a camera that was mobile with quality images
1948 where the Polaroid Camera was invented by Edwin Land. It is a revolutionary camera where photographers are able to take picture and print it instantly
Kodak released the first compact SLR camera in 1947, the Duaflex. It’s a camera with an adapted eye level viewfinder.
The Konica C35 AF, the first point-and-shoot autofocus, was introduced in 1978. This allows the photographers to take a better-quality image by having the ability to autofocus. It is also small and lightweight compared to the previous one.
The world’s first digital electric still camera was introduced by Sony in 1981. The Sony Mavica revolutionizes the camera market as the users are able to view images instantly without waiting for the film to develop
Fujifilm invented the Quicksnap Camera in 1986. It was considered as the first disposable camera. It is much cheaper than other camera but for a single use only
The first professional digital camera system, Kodak DCS SLR was introduced in 1991. It was a modified Nikon F-3 with 1.3 megapixel sensor.
A new invention was introduced on 2000, the Sharp J-SH04, the first camera phone invented by Sharp Corporation. It has 110,000 pixel CMOS imager that allowed users to instantly e-mail photos
Year 2005 when Canon launched the Canon EOS 5D, the first consumer priced full-frame digital SLR with a 24x36mm CMOS sensor.

Up to date, cameras are still evolving – more powerful sensor, lighter body, and other built in options like GPS, geotagging, facial recognition etc. We surely have a long way in the world of photography, but one thing will still be the same, to capturing the best moments in life.