The Dragon-X 5K Super 35 camera is the new addition to the Red Digital Cinema of the DSMC2 line, joining the Monstro 8K VV full frame, Helium 8K Super 35, and Gemini 5K Super 35. The DSMC2 Dragon-X camera houses an “evolved” sensor board based on the RED lineage of 5K Dragon sensors, the smallest in the 4 DSMC2 line, to run RED’s IPP2 (color science solution for HDR capture) image processing pipeline, released with the RED Weapon 8K Super 35 Helium sensor in October of 2016.

RED bill it as the “work horse”, and rightfully so. It shares a lot of similarities to the Scarlet-W (same sensor size and resolution), to some this will be the most production-friendly RED yet (without getting specialist in Ks and lowlight) resolving a snip over 4K at Super35mm. Announcing the release on the first quarter of 2019, Dragon-X bundle has the following specifications and accessories for AED 73,300.00.

– 25.6 mm x 13.5 mm (Diagonal: 28.9 mm)
– max resolution of 5120X2700.
– 16.5 stops of dynamic range,
– 5K resolution
– 96 fps in full format,
– 120 fps at 5K in 2.40:1
– 480GB RED Mini-Mag,
– Canon EF lens mount,
– 4.7″ touchscreen LCD monitor,
– outrigger handle,
– V-Lock I/O expander,
– 2 IDX batteries,
– G-Technology ev Series RED Mini-Mag Reader,
– Sigma 18-35mm (F1.8) DC HSM Art lens
– Nanuk camera case.
– 3.35 pounds (1.52 kg) starting weight
– 300 MB/s data transfer and
– simultaneous capture of REDCODE RAW and
either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR.
The RED Dragon-X DSMC2 brain will ship for
AED 54,900.00, placing it as the cheapest body
in the current unified DSMC2 line.