Sky is the limit on today’s filming industry. This will not be possible without the use of aerial drones.

Drones were introduced into filmmaking as cheaper and safer alternatives for some helicopter shots.
It has already become a valuable tool for creating video content as it redefines aerial filming by offering greater flexibility and control for the filmmaker to create breathtaking shots for features and commercial films.

We, at Ravenscar Film, offers drone videography service that gives more creativity and breaks down the traditional filmmaking. With our expert licensed pilot and professional UAV’s, we can immortalize unbelievable landscapes and action on film.

Drones are becoming an essential equipment for us. We offer this service to our client as it is more economical to use in terms of budget. Drones can easily replace helicopters, crane, jibs, and even dolly that makes the equipment cost cheaper. Since the drones are more compact and lightweight as compared to big cranes, it makes the schedule and logistics of filming flexible.


The drones can fly at a lower altitude that allows us to shoot closer to the subject and can naturally cut out parts of the scene of a bird’s eye view shot. It can also mimic a dolly shot without the use of extra equipment to move cameras. Just by using drone on lateral movement, you can easily take away the tripod and tracks on the budget.


With regards to editing, stabilization is one problem to consider. The shakiness was produced by the winds and the rotors of the drone. But with the recent drone technology, they incorporated 3-axis gimbal to stabilize the yaw, pitch, and roll of the drone cameras, making the shots smoother and stable.

However, there are strict rules and regulations when filming with drones here in the UAE. Ravenscar Film complies with these regulations and we always assist our clients in liaising with necessary permits for aerial videography.

Right now, we have DJI Phantom 4 Pro in house that gives 4K at 60 fps video resolution. It is lightweight and can reach a maximum speed of 72 kph. It has a smart sensor with 3-axis camera gimbal.

Some of the drone works we have made are for cars, yachts, corporate and government facilities. You can check out some of the videos here:

2018 Showreel:

Bush and Noble:

Sabertooth Motoring Adventures:

We offer competitive pricing for drone filming and rental service. You can send us an inquiry about the services and packages that we can offer with regards to your media requirement.