Starting February 1, 2019, filming permits in Dubai will be issued in one day instead of 3 working days. Director, Operations Said AL Jonah of Dubai Film and TV Commission said, “The decision to expedite the issue of filming permits from three days to one day has been taken by our board in keeping with the requirements of a fast-paced industry and in line with Dubai’s 2021 vision.”


The permits are mandatory for shooting all forms of television, film, commercial, corporate videos, documentaries, and digital content that is for public consumption. Hobbyist, tourists, or individuals taking videos for personal use here in Dubai are not required to secure the permit.


“Dubai’s rapid development and geographic advantage makes it an exclusive destination for filmmakers who are constantly looking for unique locales. Our aim is to create a conducive environment for production companies by providing the necessary infrastructure and facilities.”, added by commission chairman Jamal Al Sharif.


Last year, Dubai Film and TV Commission issued a total of 1,602 filming permits. With this new rule, more Hollywood and Bollywood producers are more excited to film in Dubai.