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Pre - Production

This is where we plan the film, before we film the plan’

Any project from a commercial campaign to a cinematic film always starts with the concept creation. Our team communicates with each of our clients on a personal level to understand their vision and develop it into a plan. Developing ideas through the use of storyboarding and scripts we collaboratively craft the outline of every unique project in house.


Lights, Camera, Action’

Choosing Ravenscar Film to produce your project is choosing to work with a passionate team on the leading edge of technology. We offer a variety of advanced equipment which we are proud to own in house, again allowing us to keep our rates competitive while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Advanced cinema cameras, beautiful lenses, stabilizers, rigging and drones allow us to unlock the best possible quality and potential for every client’s project.

Post Production

If the footage is our clay, the sculpture is made here.’

The last stage of production is in the editing room. The raw footage is organised according to the script or concept, arranged and rearranged. Arguably the most rewarding part of filmmaking is seeing your project come to life in front of your very eyes. At Ravenscar Film we offer colour grading, music mixing and a variety of video special effects such as After effects, CGI and 3D animation. At our hearts we are old school filmmakers, but when it comes to editing digital film and video we work with a variety of the latest software on our editing stations for post-production excellence. We allow every client to receive regular updates of their project and to be involved in the creative process until their final production is perfected and delivered.


Animation is Imagination. Think it and we can create it.’

Our Animation services range from general text, clean 2D shapes and modern info graphics to 3D animation, VFX services and super realistic CGI. Our team has already worked on a variety of commercial projects for leading brands around the world. From the simple to the complex we can handle just about any form of animation brief with a host talented individuals with many years of experience. Sometimes a video project is best told with motion graphics and animation rather than live action videography or cinematography.


Because a picture is worth a thousand….’

Words are important but photography, when used correctly can communicate a complex message, advertise a brand or provoke an emotion or memory. Our in house professional photography covers all types of general high quality photoshoots to specialised studio photography. We have created some iconic imagery used for many brands’ advertising campaigns and marketing content. Whether you need photography of food, property, social media and web content, brand/business or perhaps photography at a live event, we select the suitable photographer for you. Each photographer on our variety of projects is uniquely skilled and has their own style. High quality aerial drone photography is something we specialise in and is available at extremely competitive rates.


Welcome to the toyshop… for big kids.’

At Ravenscar Film we are very lucky to own a wide selection of some of the best filmmaking, videography and photography equipment available on the market. We offer a variety of professional equipment for daily rental at competitive rates. With multiple RED Digital Cinema cameras, Zeiss cinematography lenses, Canon and DJI equipment such as drones and gimbals we have an arsenal of equipment at your disposal. Our skilled technicians and filmmaking team is always willing to assist on your shoots and advise if required, or if you just need some extra crew.