Astera Lights are wireless LED tubes use mainly in entertainment and film making.
The tube emits powerful, tunable white on a range from 1,750K to 20,000K with ultra-high color rendering as well as colored light from 3200K to 6500K which can be applied to individual (16) pixels or the whole tube.

The lights are extremely lightweight weighing 1.35kg and 1 meter long. It can easily be rigged anywhere, therefore they are filmmakers best friend. It comes with a holder, pins, and wingplate that can be clamped in each light tube.

An Astera charging case is very efficient that the lights can be charge inside the case without having to remove the tubes or powerbox. It comes with stands that can be screw to thebottom of the light which are very handy making it possible to rig the lights vertically.

The lights can be controlled directly from the lights itself. The Titan Tube has a backside display to access quickly the DMX setup, colors, hue, saturation, and intensity control. It can also be controlled, set-up, monitored and adjusted using a smartphone app connected by an Astera Box transmitter. Through the app, anyone can view the battery status, radio signal, DMX address and which lights you have targeted.

The Astera lights can be synchronized together or programed to huge variety of colors and patterns. The Titan tubes will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link. The lights can last up to 22 hours on its lowest brightness and 2 hours on maximimum brightness.

From a small set or large scale production, they add so much flavor and value to any shoot especially when you turn off the lights.